Saturday, 17 April 2010

Day, Um, MissingNo. - Relax and play with Morty

Well I broke down and played on HeartGold for a good few hours between last night and now.

I wasn't getting anywhere due to all the story getting in the way.  I had to do the burned tower, then the gym, then I lost to Morty and could either get some high level cheap Pokemon on the team or see what else I could do.

I wandered on to the next city, finished the lighthouse but discovered to REALLY finish the light house I'd need surf. Which means beating Morty's Gengar.  Went back up (with lots of new moves and extra Spec.Def points) to help out and was down to 2 Pokemon left (Spiritomb 23 & Oddish 20) to 3 of Morty.  For some reason this time Morty decided that Gengar should not use Hypnosis or Shaddow Ball to beat me, but the lesser moves which meant that I Spiritomb could use my dark moves to wipe him & the other 2 Pokemon (Haunters) out of the way.

This whole trip took longer than I'd expected but I was relaxed and in the groove so I let it carry on.

Pidgeot is back on the PokeWalker for all of this, I thought that lvl 44 with healing moves Vs lvl 25 pokemon was a bit excessive and decided to keep him out of it all.  I think that Spiritomb needs no different moves to what he has through breeding now so can just pop her on the PW for levels too.

Psyduck now has Surf, Strength, Rock-Smash & Head-but and although only lvl 11 may become a big part of getting my team from A to B.

Going to explore the Bell Tower and town some more in the next 30 min session then go fetch the 'medicine' from the far away town.  Why I can't get my mom to go shopping and send it to the PokeMart for me like everything else I'll never know...

56 Pokedex, 4 Badges, 12hrs 30min (oops!)

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  1. Wow this blog is awesome.
    I just clocked in my 100th hour on soulsilver and I dont think im stopping yet. Check out my blog, i have things about pokemon as well so be sure to read about them from a huge poke fan.
    Ill be keeping track of your blog for sure