Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Day 12 - Immobilized By Love

Miltank used Attract, Bricks fell in love!!

Immobilized by love!!
Immobilized by love!!


While I do think there is a song in the Eurovision Song Contest this year with those lyrics (or was it a Joy Division b-side?) this is how the battle seemed to go...

The gym leader in the Goldenrod Gym turned out to be a different battle to how I remember.  I remember being Rollout'd to destruction quite effectively when I last played the original game.  This time all the rollout's missed and I was getting slowly stomped to bits while my Pokemon sat around with a dreamy look in it's eyes.

Turns out all the normal attacks were not very effective though, so after a few defense curls Bricks was taking 1 or 2 points each time.  Every Brick Break my Geodude pulled off lowered the Miltank's defense too (luckily) so the war of attrition (yeah I used potions, but SO DID SHE) was won by me.  Convincingly.

I got my 3rd badge and in 5hrs 30.  I'd got my lvl 31 Pidgeotto on the team but didn't use it at all in the gym and preferred to level my other pokemon.  Those normal types really don't like Poison Powder/Acid attacks from Oddish.

Good few more levels there too - and I stumbled across the watering can thing for sudowoodo so if I can find them (and remember to get some pokeballs) then it should be a mad rush for the next town!

Unless I have a go on VoltorbFlip or find the GTS buidling I guess... ;)

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