Saturday, 3 April 2010

Day 10 - Long walk to Goldenrod

Not much PokeWalker action today - keep failing to catch Pikachus with my watts so still 50 off the next course.

Gamewise I've plodded through the forest to the next city - Goldenrod.  I seem to remember this is where the casino is, so I'll have a quick go on that.  Might be where the GTS station is too.

I caught a few lesser Pokemon on the way (Drowsey etc.) but nothing worth adding to team.  Most of my Pokemon seem a bit underlevelled so I made sure to fight all the trainers, even though I barely went through the grass this added a few levels.

Found my friend code out too (as someone had sent me theirs) so leave a message if you feel like destroying my casual team of obvious Pokemon!

If I were a genuine casual gamer today's session would have seemed a bit short and dull.  I'm thinking of all the good stuff yet to come.

Very tempted to turn the animations off like I did with Platinum, the game STILL needs to be faster.  The bottom screen isn't even used while the attacks are happening - why not put the messages there at the same time as the animations??

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