Saturday, 3 April 2010

Day 9 - Cut & Headbutt

 A short and distracted Pokemon day today.

Didn't really go out much so only put the one level on the Pidgeotto who is progressing nicely.

Did get the new WiFi walker course for all the Pikachu - never really been a fan of the little yellow rat, but having surf and fly on the same Pokemon would be handy. Apparently the internet says you can't do that though and only get one at a time. Pity.

Spent a good 5 mins clearing up the PokeBox and deciding who to inflict Cut upon. It's one of those moves that is only useful in specific parts so I decided that I'd have a Paras with it. I do like poison & confusion so I've used this critter a lot before (maybe in my original Gold run 10 years ago) but don't plan on taking him all the way.

Wandered around the forest and found a bunch of story elements and trainers and found the guy who teaches head-butt. Gave that to Psyduck so he's now a bit more diverse (it easily outperforms scratch anyway) and I can look in the trees. Got a Hoot-Hoot out to the next area and it was time to save.

30 mins flys by if you try to play Pokemon while doing other things, doesn't it?

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