Sunday, 2 May 2010

Update - SPIRITOMB is out for a stroll

Went on holiday, had assignments & now have 2 exams next week.

Played a bit and got the 5th gym badge but on the train back from the coast I met and got beat by the Steel Gym leader.  All of my Pokemon are under level 30 and some of hers are lvl 35 so I may need some more levels.

I've popped Spiritomb on the PokeWalker and may do the same with a Growlithe I caught so hopefully by the end of the week when all the chaos is over I'll be ready to play.

My Pigeot is lvl 54 now too, but I'm not using that in battles as it's a little overpowered.  I guess that it's proving without an extra edge you can't causally play Pokemon though.  It might be interesting to take into the Gym battle for backup (instead of my level 14 Fly Zubat...)

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