Friday, 16 April 2010

Day 18+19 Short sessions & Trading

I haven't been able to sit down with the DS this week for much time, but I have been keeping up on the Pokewalker - Pigeot is lvl 43, my next highest Pokemon is Oddish at lvl 19...  I now need to actually level it normally to replace Tackle with Roost on level up, but I'm not going to use it for the trainers & gyms as it'd make them a push over.  Hope they get round this on the next version - no EVs for the PW Pokemon is penalty enough to stop the hardcore relying on it so let me have my casual fun & new moves!

Gamewise I ran through North to the next city (no idea what it's called - i just saved there) and caught a few new Pokemon such as Spinarak, Stantler & Growlithe on the way.  Couple of cool twin battles also, but the only real threat to the team was a Stantler who refused to get caught.  I killed it and in turn evolved Totodile to Croconaw.  Should keep him in team more now.

Egg still not hatched - it's one I transferred from Plat so maybe should have just hatched before transfer.

Also did some trading with friends so now have 9 hr 30 on the clock and 52 Pokemon caught/traded.  Still only 3 badges - I aim to rectify that over the weekend though.

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