Monday, 12 April 2010

Day 17 - The Bug Catching Contest Isn't On

So I finally made it through the top of the last area only to discover that the building at the top isn't the next town but the bug catching/Pokethalon area!

It being a Monday it isn't on today but as it's on tomorrow I thought I'd have a short session and stick around for tomorrow.

I have an egg to hatch and a lvl 4 Ghastly on my team which is traded from my Platinum so a speed leveler.  I decided to fight hte trainers in the area before moving on and did so with only a bit of damage.  On leaving the area I found a psychic trainer who's insistence on acc lowering moves and decent speed meant that I only had 2 decent poke left by the end of it.

I saved by the 'mysterious tree' for tomorrow, but I think I better run back to a PokeCentre beforehand to heal and to stock up on decent balls.

Caught two Smoochums on the PW and took Pidgeot to 38.

Stuck Ditto on there for wandering around the house, it'll probably level him up as he's only 10, and I'll use the watts to shoot for Pikachu as I'm over 8,000 steps.

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