Friday, 2 April 2010

Day 8 - Retail defeats Piracy, but by a slim margin!

Not much PokeWalker action - i've been busy so just put 2 levels on DLC the Pigeotto (now 30).  Did catch Psyduck however and put him into the main team.

In game I only had 21 mins due to yesterday's Gym LEader battle over-run, but within minutes of setting up a nice team to get to the next area I ran into the Rival - Piracy.

He opened with a Ghastly which My female Nidoran couldn't touch so when she fainted I moved to using the Totodile starter.  He used Mean Look and fixed me in place then switched to his starter that was 6 levels higher than mine and took me out in one hit.  As I didn't have my starter killing Ponyta on the team I sent out Oddish, even though it again was lvl 12 to his 18.  Using the acid move as well as a sweet scent for good measure I chipped away at the health speedily, not helped by his constant use of synthesis.  Eventually he went down and Oddish grew to lvl 14 and learnt poison powder.

Piracy sent in Golbat and took out Oddish so I sent in Bricks the Geodude.  Two Rock Throws later (with a spot of confusion in between) and it was just Ghastly to beat.  Ghastly decided to use Spite and took himself into the yellow and then Rock Fall took him the rest of the way.  2 levels for Geodude and Retail defeats Piracy once more.  DLC wasn't effective, but Bricks (and mortar) and a small green poisonous plant worked better.

Psyduck & Butterfree were not used.

I did the Farfetched puzzle and got CUT but don't really know who I should teach it to yet.  Do I want to be properly casual and teach them to my main Pokemon or put them all on the same Pokemon?

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