Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Day 7 - 2 Gym badges but 9 mins over!

3:39 on the play clock now - it was 3:29 and I was standing in front of the 2nd gym leader and I thought I'd go for it.  This means a shorter play tomorrow, and as I've no idea where to head next it'll be exploring I think & back to teh same PokeCentre.

I was down to my last Pokemon with two of theirs remaining, but as it was my Lvl 26 I wasn't too scared.  Now Lvl 27 Pidgeotto with the new move Feather Dance or something - it lowers attack.  Still not got any flying attacks which would have helped things along!

Walk wise I added a few levels to DLC the Pidgeotto which probably helped it survive the gym, but I only used it after all the other options were poisoned and knocked out.  The slowpoke cave before it was fine with just my lvl 11-12 normal Pokemon.

I have Ponyta back on the PokeWalker for the moment, but will put DLC back on for the walk to work as I don't have to think about changing it so often - must be about 1,500 steps or so now per level, I keep forgetting to look.

Did an Item trade with the PW at work and got an Ether.  Wonder what other hidden goodies are out there?

Almost unlocked the 7th walking course too - the !!! Pokemon are decent levels so may not swap so often and hunt for those instead. :)

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  1. It's killing me with the 4 moves, Croconaw had to forget Rage to learn Flail, which is good but i did like Rage. I'm currently getting some custom balls made in Azalea so i can finally catch Onix (failed with 2 balls and a great ball!)
    Need more items!
    And i want Slowpoke so bad!