Monday, 29 March 2010

Day 4 - First gym badge

On the PokeWalker I've picked up a good few steps now - unlocking the first 5 areas and levelling up my Kangaskhan as all my main Pokemon were in the tower.

The main guy from the Bellsprout tower was a pushover using the limited moves I had, and had a flying type Pokemon for Bricks the GeoDude to take out.  This was a portent of the limited damage I received in the Gym, only the final Pigiotto required me to swap to the GeoDude to finish so I levelled up & evolved my Caterpie to Metapod and put a few more levels on my Rattata 'Joey's Mom'.  I remember this being a lot harder so I think my PW heavy strategy is beginning to pay off.

I did a bit more exploring but decided to finish up in the PokeCentre so I could trade off my Pokemon to the walker.  Goal for tonight/tomorrow is to get more levels on Pidgey and Ponyta.

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