Saturday, 27 March 2010

Day 2 - First trainer battles and off to next town

Well overnight I got quite a few steps on the PokeWalker, I was out and about and went to a wedding reception.  With a bit of walking and a bit of dancing I got a fair few Watts and levelled up Bricks the GeoDude from 2 to 8.

Popped him back into the team as the leader and wandered through the grass to the next area, battling Trainer Joey (of Rattata fame) and a few others to level up to 9.  Nothing extra happened - so any moves that a Pokemon should have learned are missed out.  This means he has tackle and defence curl as the only moves.

I got into town and healed up and went out the other side for an explore.  There is that tree Pokemon blocking one of the paths, but I went south to the ruins and did the puzzle and caught an Unown. Went back to the town to save so that I could pop all the Pokemon in the box for walking today.

Decided to lead the walk with DLC the level 2 Pidgy and had a bit of an experiment with the PokeWalker.  Seems that its a lot less steps to level up than I thought so each time I'd earned 3W I flipped it out and back in again.  I currently have a lvl 15 Pidgy due to 7,000 steps today, but not being able to always swap the Pokemon around I could have been much higher.  Still only has it's original lvl 2 moves though...

I also used some Watts to catch a few Pokemon so have a Pollwag, Ponyta, Nidoran (i think), and maybe a few others.  Liking this addition so far - I can level Pokemon without having to play DS, but the odd set up of having to flip the Pokemon back means I have to spend a minute or two flipping it back and forth which limits the low level raising.

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