Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Day 6 - less walking, more evolving & levelling

So  - Only three levels for DLC today - a lot less walking and time to swap around + around 1,000 steps needed each time.  No moves for the next few levels so might as well leave it out of the party too.

Ventured into Union cave during the play time and 15 mins in had already put three levels onto the metapod causing it to evolve into Butterfree and learn a host of new moves.  Should prove a destructive force especially as it's got sleep confusion poison and psychic attacks...

Switched to my lvl 5 Oddish to keep things interesting and as he has Absorb I made it through the cave speedily with a lvl 11 Oddish.  He's quite probably one of my favourite Pokemon and looks great following on.  Hit the 3:00 hr mark just as I'd met the first Team Rocket person so I saved without talking to him and turned off.

I'm thinking more Pidgeotto (DLC) and Ponyta on the PokeWalker tomorrow - plus I may actually get to battle Soul Sliver at lunch!

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