Monday, 29 March 2010

Day 5 - Lots of steps = lots of levels!

Ok - overnight I've caught:
2 Venonat
a spare rattata
and two Paras

The spares I figure I can use for trading to Platinum to rescue my old teams after I beat the Elite 4 but before I trade Plat in.

This is mostly due to playing early yesterday and late today, but also I racked up an unusually high amount of steps for a work day by getting up early, ignoring the busses and then having to visit my girlfriend for my spare keys when I realised mine were at work!  Will probably be 12,000 steps by the midnight cut off.

The Pidgey DLC is now lvl 21 - had to stop there else he won't learn the next move (according to  quick look on Serebii). Currently Sending Ponyta to the Dim Cave...

Luckily caught a lvl 6 Bellsprout that had taken no damage - Pidgey couldn't touch it without wiping it out!  Decided not to catch a Wooper but left it in the low red with one hit so caught it anyway & named it Smudge.

Trekked down towards the next city for 30 mins fighting and not much happened as I mainly used DLC the and he went up to lvl 22 and is now DLC the Pigeotto and learned Twister - Piracy won't stand a chance now! Back in the PokeWalker he goes until the next play session tomorrow...

2 Hrs 32 in now. Sticking to the schedule means you don't get far in the game - I can see that casual players may be getting bored & without the serious PokeWalker training not as far as me.  Maybe the casual focussed TV adverts are not a good idea - we will see.

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