Sunday, 28 March 2010

Day 3 - a quiet day with a few new Pokemon to squash

After yesterday's play session I was 6 mins over on play time at 1:06.  Sticking more rigidly to the schedule I decided to have a short 24 min session and to try the gym battle.  Turns out I'd forgotten that you have to climb Sprout Tower first.  With a lvl 9 Ponyta and lvl 15 Pidgey on the team a bunch of lvl 3 Bellsprouts shouldn't be an issue - unfortunately neither knows any decent moves yet so most of the time was taken up with tackle battles.  I swapped in Geodude for a bit as he was close to levelling up and he got Rock Throw.  This made short work of a Hoothoot on the top floor.

Time limit reached no-where near a PokeCentre I popped a SlowPoke on the PW and will be walking that up until Sunday's play session.  I think i' going to actually have to use TMs to teach moves to a few of these over-levelled Pokemon so that I can actually be more than just a low damage tank...

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