Sunday, 6 March 2011

Time Poor, Cash Rich Gaming

Seems the next few casual gaming tasks that I'll be undertaking will be related to the current craze of Magic The Gathering that has swept my workplace. This is all due to me picking up Duels of the Planeswalkers for 400 points on the Xbox during a sale and now closing in on 100% on all DLC. As the game has cost me around £15 so far (2080 MS points to be exact) and I've put in 100+ hours of play time I really don't feel hard done by.

The physical card game has always been on my radar (I was gaming when it came out but laughed at the price structure) but now seems a good time to jump in and play. Presuming that there aren't many more expansions for Planeswalkers on the 360/PS3 my total spend will be under £20. So my aim is to make a decent set of magic cards to play with (multiple decks) and compare the experiences. I'm starting with a Deck Builder's Toolkit (out this week) and then moving on from there. I know what my two main ideas are, but it depends on the cards, and naturally what the 3 other people I'll be mainly playing with go for. All seem to be choosing different options for acquiring cards which keeps it interesting.

Also I'm only buying one videogame a month (not including live points) as I've got a massive backlog. So far this year it's been/will be:

Jan: History Channel Medieval Battles (360)

Feb: Prof Layton Timey Wimey Thing (DS)

March: 3DS + 2 games

April: Portal 2 (360)


Again – this isn't cash flow problems, I just don't see the point in buying stuff that's going to be cheaper by the time I get to use it. Will keep you posted.

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