Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Friday Night Commerce

Seems like it's Friday we'll be picking up our Deck Builder's Toolkits (This http://amzn.to/eMNSv4) from Wayland's Forge and maybe I'll post up a vid/card list as no one has done it yet for this year's edition.

For £17 RRP you get 285 cards (100 land, 125 semi randoms & 4x15 in new boosters) based around the 2011 set which wouldn't leave me much cash for other things. I'm going to budget £25 and that means £8 left for singles – presuming I don't get anything that's sellable out of the box.

If I get a single card worth >£10 I well flip that at the earliest opportunity. For a new player it's all about scope and figuring out what is fun to play.

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