Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Singles Night

Had the day off today and was in town anyway so visited Waylands Forge to check out the single cards.

Spent much longer looking through them than I planned but came away with some decent things that I'd wanted, and some cards I'd never heard of that looked good.

Finished making deck number 2 based on a pre-constructed beginner deck that had a lot of the more expensive cards I fancied in it anyway.  The black deck (with a hint of blue) that I made lost at work, but I drew 5 or 6 mana in a row which is pretty hard for a vampire based deck to live through.  Such is Magic.  Will keep it the same and try again, but I have more confidence in the new deck.

And besides, this one's a lot more 'Dominion' and fun.

Up to 500 non land cards now and the budget idea has long gone out of the window.  One set of e-bay card yet to arrive, and one auction for the remaining card I fancy still to end. Other than that I'm not buying until the next expansion hits.

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