Saturday, 19 March 2011

MTG is addictive – DO NOT START

Seeing as I'm updating this when I pick up more cards I thought I'd throw something up today.

I 'won' a few more auctions on the ebay over the past week and there are two shipments of cards either on their way or waiting for one final auction to end. Once this lot is sorted I'll put a link to my favourite seller, it'll keep the prices out of my reach for a few days. Combining a habit forming card game with an auction site that uses games style feedback to keep you playing is a dangerous thing.


I think a realistic life time limit now of £100 is going to be sensible. I'm just passed 3/4 way there already in about a week, but frankly I do have everything that I'd want now. I'd be more likely to go pick up 1 or 2 mana cards for 10p from Wayalnds Forge again to smooth out my horrible mana curves. The fact that I understand this means I've been thinking about it too much.

Over the past week I've made another 2 decks bringing the total to 3, and I'm happy with one and the other two I threw together and barely looked at. Will get to play with them next week hopefully.


  1. Silly, silly Gamer.

    Everybody tries to limit their spending... really we do. There's more than 50 Expansions and 11,0000+ UNIQUE cards since the game started. You'll be lucky if you can stick to your limit "PER PRODUCT" WotC releases each quarter!

    For the longest time, I could at least say I didn't spend more than folks that smoke 2 packs a day.

    There's a reason it's called "Cardboard Crack"!!!

  2. Yeah - I will stick to this limit though (as you say until the next set comes out). It's time I'm shorter on than money at the moment, but it could easily turn into a '20 a day' habit!

    I'll get bored and go back to Dominion maybe soon. Thanks for visiting & commenting.