Saturday, 3 September 2011

Friday Night Magic 3 - Loss Adjustment

This week's was a four round affair where I took a Red/Black/Blue deck manipulation 75 card affair that I'd built the previous week while quite ill.  It didn't do very well.  The theme was 'make Time Reversal playable' This card is a Mythic Rare from the Magic 2012 set that is lower in value than most of the normal Rares.  Ponder - a common card - tends to sell for more.  I figured a way that you could kill people with it and went to work.

Round 1 - Red/Black Burn & vampires beat me 2:0

Round 2 - Elves beat me 2:0 (I think this was the same borrowed elves as a previous week being played by a different person)

Round 3 - Illusions beat me 2:0

Round 4 - A different Elves beat me 2:1.  Yes - I won the penultimate game of the night.

After the Illusions battle I spread out my cards and found I'd only left 4 Red spells in and still got lots of mana (basic and non basic) for them.  I took those out and fixed the lands and it ran a lot more smoothly.  Still very clunky and requiring longer games to win with not much in the way of stalling tactics (Spellskite as a star blocker?!) I managed to sneak out a Psychosis Crawler with a Time reversal in hand and played it for the win (when I draw a card Psychosis Crawler does one damage to target player - Time Reversal makes us both dump hands and draw 7) - goal!!achieved!!

Sure I had to loose 8 (plus two extra matches I played to see what happened) to get 1 win, but I've figured out the key parts of the process now.  I loved having Psychic surgery in the deck, but exiling cards only gets you so far - and the idea isn't really to let the opponent live to use their 7 cards.

On to next week where I'm looking after new players so will play a more traditional deck.

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