Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Innistrad Schedule

When we started playing on March 11th 2011 by buying the Deck Builder's Toolkit 2011 we found few Magic The Gathering events happening in our local town (Birmingham, UK).  Now it requires two blog posts.  One with the list - and one to explain what I think happened (I am an Analyst after-all).

This is the first post with the list of activities:

Fri 23rd Sep:  Game UK @ Global Gaming - Farewell to Zendikar FNM - £4
Sat 24th Sep: Magic Geek @ Quality Hotel - Innistrad PreRelease 6 Booster Sealed - £25
Sun 25th Sep - day of rest / Forbidden Planet Birmingham - M2012 Booster Draft (old skool!)

Wed or Thur - My House - Launch Prep/Games night

Fri 30th Sep: Game UK @ Global Gaming - Launch Party 3 Boosters I think - £10
Sat 1st Oct: Waylands Forge - Launch Event 6 Boosters £TBC-£20?
Sun 2nd Oct: Magic Geek @ Oddfellows Hall Stafford - Innistrad Launch 6 Booster Sealed - £25 (or FP Launch B'ham)

I think there are other events going on too - for example our preferred card shop (the fabulous Superdrome in Worcester) is doing both Launch & PreRelease and so is their odd neighbour Mana Leak.  Very tempted to go to their Launch event, but I think that clashes with Wayland's trying out their first major event in a long while - and they are my 2nd favourite games shop ever (Role'n'Play Wolverhampton - how we miss ye - hang on, according to Google they just moved again!! Woo!!).  Both Forbidden Planets (B'ham & Wolves) are running Launch but not Pre-Release events. That's a crazy amount of magic compared to just 3 Months ago...

If you want to check out what is near you then pop your postcode in here.  As you see above attending everything would be expensive, but I hope to pick & choose.

And stay tuned for the 'think piece'!

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