Sunday, 18 September 2011

Friday Night Magic 5 - Compare the Myr Deck

As Steel Overseer is about to drop out of standard I felt compelled to play my multiplayer Myr deck build for the pre-FNM games nights we had at my house.  I miss these, but we may restart them on a Wed.

Basically the idea is you throw out a load of little Myr then boost and tap/untap them with trinkets and then hope to find my one copy of Tempered Steel or Jor Kadeen to make you win faster.  I have 1 voltaic key to  reuse the overseers as needed too which adds to the chaos.  In theory it works.  Not against the FNM field though...

Round one was a 2-0 loss against burn & bloodthirst which was interesting, but I couldn't keep anything on the board long enough to get boosting.

Round 2 was the White Ally deck and while I started big in game 2 I got DOJ'd off the board and couldn't rebuild fast enough to get my items powered up. 2-0 again

Round 3 was more promising as this Diabolic Tutor deck was good, but I had essentially 4 turns to ramp up.  I kept drawing into my high cost Scrapyard Salvo and Relentless Assault 'end game' cards and couldn't outpace him.  2-0.  I took these out at the end of the game and won 4 straight side games over the rest of the evening! Such is Magic.

I did a write up of this with the LSV energy drink for FSF.

Round 4?  Bye.  This gave me the extra 2 PWP I needed to hit Level 10!  With the FNM/Pre-release next weekend giving me a pretty much guaranteed 5 base participant points I could be sitting pretty for the start of the Oct FNM proper.

Next week Phyrexian Suicide Cult 1.5 takes it's final bow prior to rotation. And I have a few extra surprises slotted in...

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