Sunday, 18 September 2011

Friday Night Magic 4 - Beware the Trees...

Bit belated this one.  Couldn't Tweet due to balancing the arrival of a friend to his first ever FNM (and getting on the right bus int he wrong direction to miss two rounds), and forgot to write up.

I thought that this one was a bit of a bust - the deck seemed to take ages to get anywhere and struggled to find answers to other people's win conditions.  I was playing Blue Green Landfall and had up to 30 mana on some turns due to 2x Vorinclex but failed to put enough X cost cards in to utilise it.

Round 1 was against good friend @Disknoir 's Blue 'stall then play Stormtide' deck which would be fantastic if everyone wasn't playing burn and removal spells.  I cocked up my landfall and lost my only decent flier by adding +2/+2 instead of +4/+4 and couldn't fly over the stormtide after this.  Due to time this was a draw in the end, but I bet I could have won game 3 due to knowing what I needed to keep back to beat the stormtide.

Round 2 was against a BladeHold deck I really couldn't beat once it got going.  I had to go collect my visitor during this game too so was a bit distracted - 2-0 to him.

Round 3 was against elves, and while game 1 took ages due to me not finding good damage producers game 2 was a walkover with the fab Hydra getting into 3 digit tokens again (it had in round 1 but been unable to attack).

Round 4 was unfortunately against my invited friend! It was fun to play, but as we'd been playing this same match-up the night before it felt like we'd been robbed of another contest.  i won 2-1 due to a slip up in round 2 on my part where I hadn't taken the lifelink into account.

I came top half and gave my friend the promo card - he'd earned it!

If I'd conceded faster in Round 1 game 1 we might have made it to the 3rd game and I could have come top 4.  As my Rd 2 opponed pointed out I needed to put BEast within in the deck and I realised after that adding 4 cards for red X cost spells would make the deck much more powerful.  After rotation I will run this deck again - but without landfall can a landfetch deck really be that good? It'll be fun to find out.

Also - here is my Planeswalker Points link!

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