Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday Night Magic 2: The Infect Deck

So - Two friday night Magic's down.

Game 1: Played a 17 year old lady who had only bought her deck that day and hadn't really had chance to play with it (it was the empires Intro deck).  I won 2:0 but spent lots of time on education.

Game 2: Won the first round, but lost twice to terrible short mana.  The deck was mostly the bloodthirst Intro deck with some cool twists - this guy came 3rd/4th.

Game 3: This was Vs the combo deck from last week & I lost the first one then won a turn 2 super infect and drawn out regular infect. 2:1 and 2:1 overall.

Game 4: Played against the same deck as game 1 but with massive modification. I won a fast game 1, lost to empires in 2 and won on turn 3 in the final game.  3:1 and into the top 4 (woo!)

I chose Auramancer foil as my promo and gave it imediadly to a friend.

Game 5: Against the organiser again!! To revenge last weeks loss I won two straight games with infect to grab a Tormented Soul promo for myself.  Super Woo!

Game 6 - the Final.  We relaly only had time to play one fast game and after Mulliganing to 5 I still had nothing and had elected to play.  CAW living weapon made short work of me.  2nd is still amazing though.

Deck was
4x Titanic Growth
4x Giant Growth
4x Groundswell
4x Mutagenic Growth
as the engine

4x Glistner Elves
4x Phyrexian Myr

as the courier

with plenty of other evil tech to help such as the infect spider and corpse cur to pull it back.

Next week I'm thinking blue.  Maybe...

I got another Pharoh in the booster which is amazing for the black deck.

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