Friday, 1 July 2011

Post Planeswalkers, & Pre M12

Well it does seem that I got old decks instead of this years ones - but as the store has run out of cards I can't get my hands on the new ones for a while!

We are kind of in an odd MTG gap now, while people gaze at the new cards and formulate decks that they may never get to play.  I like the Zombie tribe. The Black Deck seems to eat anything that's put in it's way (it's basically designed to mill creatures) and a zombie version could be interesting.  I have three Grave Titans afterall so anything is possible.

I'm thinking that SuperDrome at £83 a booster box (about £2.20 a pack) as a walk up price will be my chosen store again.  60 packs would be ideal so 2 boxes would give me enough to let friends buy and to use as gifts.  Need to pick up some of the starter decks too so hopefully can do that at the pre-release (I'm not playing but it seems rude not to pop in).  Will take a decent camera - the store is like a nerdier version of Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

Real life is too busy to worry about finding the cheapest cards & best decks.  I've sorted out my (growing) spares collection and only kept 4 of anything. Digital playtime is where it's at, loosing for fun and winning for unlocks.

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