Friday, 15 July 2011

Oops - 3 M12 Booster Boxes and 3 Chandra's Phoenix!

Not all mine. We went to Superdrome Worcester for the prices and snacks.


Home now - a spot of relaxed and annotated booster ripping is in order.  One box is getting squirrelled away for multiplayer at a later date.

I do like Superdrome - it's essentially the kind of shop that every high-street should have so I have no qualms about choosing them over the more MTG Pro style store just up the road.  Anywhere that has 4 kinds of Risk and more plastic tat than I did as a teenager must be encouraged and supported.

Will probably post up the results - i'm due a run of underwealming cards, but as I've already found an Adaptive Automaton I'm not going to be too disappointed whatever happens.

Plus I have some amazing stuff from Yum Yum including a tea drink that looks like infected frogspawn and some new Meiji goodies that will get written up at FoodStuff Finds (eventually).

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