Saturday, 18 June 2011

MTG Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2012 Promo Decks

Today I started off with these:

And ended up with this!  The irony of printing out full colour laser prints of cards then trading them in for the same but on cardboard was not lost on me...

ED: These Decks seem to be the Planeswalkers 2009 decks instead of the 2012 decks!


 I picked up 4 of the 5 possible promo decks that you get free with a voucher from buying the Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 on Steam, Xbox 360 or PS3.     It turns out the cards are mostly from the set 10th Edition (or X) released in July 2007 (usually 16 commons and 2 uncommons). Are 4 year old cards worth having for free? Certainly! Especially if you are new to the game.  Also I feel some of these will see M12 reprints so be standard legal.  All have 12 lands.

First up Lilliana - Black

Seems to be a typical black deck - a few cheap creatures and lots of destruction.  Not much discard and only one creature above 2/2.  Seems a nice beginner Black deck.

Chandra - Red

Burn deck! Also this has Lorwyn and Morningtide cards in so has a bit more variety.  I think that the uncommons in this deck are pretty good, and Prodigal Pyromancer is very useful in this short format too.

Garruk - Green

Mana ramp, creatures and consistency - it's only got one less card than the other decks (13 land) but 3 less types of card than the red & black decks. Lots of big creatures and targets for other's spells - most having 4 body is a problem for many of these decks.

Anjani - White

And lastly a white life gain deck. No equipment but a few boost spells to ramp things up. Angel's feather  only has 17 possible targets to gain life from as you are unlikely to be playing another white deck.  In this smaller format though it may work.

Not got Blue, but I'm guessing the deck list will be online and I may end up with another voucher before the offer runs out anyway as more non-paper MTG friends buy the game!

I'm going to play a few games with these to see how it all works - 30 card mini decks may be ideal for our lunchtime games. I'll probably pass these off to the people who gave me the vouchers to start off their card collections...


  1. Sorry to disappoint you. But you have beed punked by that Store Owner.

    The recent Promo Decks for M12 contain only cards from M12. And those ones contain some real good cards - quite the opposite to these.

  2. You just got the old Promo Decks fro last year.

  3. These were the ones sent out in the UK for this offer - the ones on the MTG site article in June are different ones and as far as I know have only been used as press promos.

  4. I'm afraid you *have* been punked sir, the new sets contain M12 cards and the boxes have different face artwork. My local store in Bristol has had a full set of these in for a few days now.

  5. Ha - I presumed anyone using the work punked was from the USA and that we got different stuff int he UK for some reason. I checked on the original site and you are right - there is different artwork!

    As I know the people in the shop I'm surprised that they were giving these out - they must be the decks from the last planeswalkers game!

    Our group has more vouchers so I may warn them that there are old decks in the store too.

  6. Today I went to pick up mine and got the sorin markov vampires deck which is really cool but i'm from portugal so I don't know how i is in the US or UK.

  7. DECK1: Academy

    2 Magosi, the Waterveil
    2 Minamo, School at Water's Edge
    4 Seat of the Synod
    3 Tolarian Academy

    2 Snapcaster Mage
    2 Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir
    2 Tradewind Rider
    2 Venser, Shaper Savant
    2 Voidmage Husher

    4 Black Lotus
    2 Mana Crypt
    2 Mox Opal
    4 Mox Sapphire

    3 Frozen Aether
    3 Stasis

    2 Jace, the Living Guildpact

    3 Abjure
    4 Boomerang
    3 Counterspell
    3 Muddle the Mixture
    2 Twincast

    4 Timetwister

    DECK2: Red Burn Goblin

    8 Mountain
    2 Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle

    3 Ball Lightning
    2 Goblin Arsonist
    2 Goblin Fireslinger
    2 Goblin King
    2 Mogg Fanatic
    1 Rathi Dragon
    3 Vexing Devil

    4 Black Lotus
    2 Chaos Orb
    2 Cursed Scroll
    4 Mox Ruby

    2 Blood Moon

    2 Chandra Nalaar

    2 Fireblast
    3 Fork
    4 Lightning Bolt

    2 Fireball
    3 Gamble
    3 Goblin Grenade
    2 Wheel of Fortune

    DECK3: Necro Tear Lands

    4 Strip Mine
    2 Tomb of Urami
    3 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
    2 Wasteland

    2 Desecration Demon
    3 Juzám Djinn

    4 Black Lotus
    3 Chaos Orb
    2 Mana Crypt
    4 Mox Jet
    2 Time Vault

    3 Necropotence

    2 Sorin Markov

    4 Dark Ritual
    4 Word of Command

    3 Demonic Tutor
    3 Drain Life
    4 Mind Twist
    2 Pox
    4 Sinkhole

    DECK4: ...