Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Just two M12 Boosters 0_0

With the Intro packs I got at the Pre-Release detailed below I got two boosters - one in each pack.  Initially I thought I'd let the recipients of the Intro packs open them themselves as it's good fun to do so.  Over the next few days I realised that firstly I wouldn't see the guys until I actually have boxes of boosters to play with, and secondly that getting them 'into' boosters would be a Very Bad Thing which would not enhance their play experience at all.  Me making them decks is far more cost effective and gives me something to do with those commons I have floating around.  They get their moments of discovery from opening & playing the decks so I resolved to open the boosters one a night.

Last night I cracked open the first one.  It was going pretty well - first card Ponder which is the most sought after common card, then a Mage and part of the Empires cycle and then.  A mythic rare dragon! Not only that, but Furyborn Hellkite is playable in the intro deck that I got them (Blood & Fire) and is only 1 mana above the Face card for the pack.  A great pull and as it's the second cheapest M card in the set at the moment not one I'd mind passing on if needed.  Certainly got my value from the £12 Into pack with this lot!

Cut to day two.  It's getting late and I've caught up on all the usual internet stuff so I decide to open the second booster as planned.  Commons are nothing special - even have a duplicate of two or three cards already just from the two boosters I have.  Uncommons are more interesting as there is an O Ring to pop in the Blue deck and a nice fire card and then I get to the card at the back. 

And then I do a double take and have a second look.

Two boosters - two Mythics - and probably the most desirable card in the set at this early stage.  This is Planeswalker number 3 I've found with Vess & Karn also coming in boosters, but probably the most surprising.  The probability of this is only 1 in 64 occasions so if I were to open 2 packs every day I'd get double Mythic once every two months (and I'd probably be poor from buying 128 boosters).

It's amazing luck though and I am certainly keeping both Mythics until after I get the box(es) on Friday so will give them a good amount of replacement loot instead of Chandra, the Firebrand.  Heck - I might even buy more Intro packs and slide the lucky boosters out into my pile just to be on the safe side...

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