Sunday, 10 July 2011

M12 Pre Release Promo Loot

As part of the promo event run by Magic Geek I picked up two of the new M12 Intro Decks, Mystical Might and Blood & Fire, along with two Promotional Bloodlord of Vaasgoth.

First up the Blue White Illusions deck Mystical Might.  This is pretty fast and can cause some trouble for beat down decks as by the time they are playing threats this deck has counter magic up and running.  I managed to hand the first loss to a high ranking agro goblin deck that was playing in the sealed deck, and beat some constructed decks with it too.  It'd be fairly easy to upgrade (there are a lot of non illusion creatures).

The rare card Lord of The Unreal is the star and the deck only lost once when I'd got that out.  Extra copies would make this more consistent.

The other deck is slightly different - it's a balanced Red Black deck that focuses on the Bloodthirst mechanic so has burn and direct damage as it's theme.  It's also good but seemed less able to beat the decks on offer.  I ran out of time so only played the six necessary games to earn the promo, but never got to play either of the high cost mythics - M12 is just that fast.

The mythic vampire promo would slot right into this deck and boost a good few of the cards.  It'd be harder to supplement the bloodthirst mechanic as M12 is the only standard legal set featuring the keyword.  Haste creatures would be a great way to get first turn damage to start the chain though.

There are some great uncommons in these packs - O ring in Blue White & Swiftfoot Boots in the Red Black so if you aren't looking to get too many boosters it may be a cheaper way to get the star cards of the set in workable decks without breaking the bank.

I didn't open the boosters.

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