Saturday, 20 August 2011

My First Friday Night Magic

Wasn't expecting much in the way of victories expecting all to be running tournament level stuff.  Turns out it was all friendly and similar to our own little game group. I'll happily go again next week.  Here are the Tweets from the evening.

I'm at my first  about to get my ass handed to me by teenagers.

most have yugi out which is apparently sick... Not sure on numbers yet.

I see two black and red, and one illusions and lots of yugi. Nothing happening yet. Not sure what's happening!

Not sure what the kids in this internet cafe are playing but I want a go.  (Turns out it was League of Legends - looks good).

If you rush down you'd be top 8 and fifty fifty on a promo card. Thinking max 9 players. Non of the yugi lot are playing!

Game 1 against organiser. Close loss, fast win, close loss. Really fun final game, many creatures eaten.  (I think I should have actually won the last game as I forgot to resurrect Vengeful Pharoh for free - killing his creature in process - winning this would have changed the whole evening :( )

Game 2, good player with odd, borrowed elves. Won two. Once I had control it was straight forward.  (Turns out this guy had 4 Planeswalkers which never saw the board!)

Game 3: Red black burn. Obliterator won game 1, almost won a close game 2 which I'm not sure how I lost. And game 3 I was toast from opening (Think i messed up my creature attacks game 2 - could have got the extra damage.  G3 was a quick and messy affair...)

Game 4: guy hating his blue black deck from the start but it did lots but nothing deadly. 2 nil.  (Opponent hadn't won all night and the deck seemed OK, but pushing in too many areas).

Overall I was joint third, but on opponents win percentages I was 7th! Still top 8 tho. ;) (yes - there were 8 players)

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