Saturday, 9 April 2011

First trial decks - report

So I'm currently something like 0 wins 10 losses in our casual Magic circle, and with my working burden still being high it's unlikely to change. Here's what I've tried so far:

Black Vamps & Blue Splash – decent set up but played a Legacy deck that's pretty well refined. Deck is mostly black singles in original form to see what works but one match isn't going to tell you that!

Blue Green Landfall – this is essentially Mysterious Realms updated with more uncommon and some excellent M11 and later cards and some great WW booster drops. This has been consistently good, but I seem to end up with more mana (due to action cards) than creatures. Lost a 3 player due to not realising I could counter a mass removal spell when I had way more creatures than opponents. Learning curve.

Blue Insanity deck – a gimmick deck that is purely for fun and focuses on getting lots of cards into my hand. Got mana screwed by drawing 16 lands in 18 cards when I only have 24 in the deck, otherwise shows potential.

White NHS deck – this is all about lifegain, but I'd misunderstood the ally clause on cards and included 8 useless cards, will remove these and repeat

Firing Squad – Red & art deck. Drew my two 8 mana joke creatures in my starting hand, didn't think to mulligan and still didn't loose too badly. Have put the cards I had in reserve in instead.


Pretty sure I tried another Magic The Gathering Planeswalkers style deck at one point, and I have an unused Worldwake 'Flyover' pre-made I got using store credit to play with.


Need to keep revising these (and revising for exams) and stop buying cards too. I estimate £120 total now – spreadsheet not up to date with prices.

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