Friday, 29 April 2011

Games night & actually winning

I've been busy so not really bothering with this, but I guess a few words can't hurt.

I've actually won some friendlies now.  Whether was as a result of me inviting everyone round to my house to play and giving them snacks, or my constant shouts of "don't attack me, I've got nothing!" but I won our first (and only) 4 player match.

Was a fairly standard resurrection deck really, but with black, white & blue it had a lot of counter too. Mana was so plentiful by the end and due to my getting 7 cards a turn from the Sphinx and draw I could pick & choose my hand.  Took two players out in one turn and then over-run the remaining guy with my big beasties.  I've changed most of the creatures in the deck now for the ones I actually wanted that were still in the post, so it'll probably never win another game.

The Artifacts/red mana Firin' Squad deck got a win that day too by out competing a valakut deck which isn't too bad.

I also knocked up an infect deck to see what cards I had that fitted and ended up winning three games out of 4 with that.  It's an interesting mechanic if the opponent isn't expecting it especially as it's not too hard to put 5 on someone with that first mad hit.

My Blue Draw=damage deck was quite fun too and while it's only ever won one game I think it could nest nicely into a control deck if I could be bothered to figure it all out.

The Red/Blue I'm looking at currently hasn't won yet, but I'm still refining the balance between control & destroy while keeping it cheap in both senses. As I only have 4 non common cards in it (and neither are essential) I might strip it back to Standard Pauper just for kicks & see how many mythics it can destroy.

Of course I could always go look up some deck-lists but that feels like cheating.

MTG on hiatus now until after exams & NPH launch. It's only a week I guess, but it's going to be a long one...

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