Sunday, 23 March 2014

SolForge: Thundergale Invoker, bonus art

Continuing on from my Games & Tea Guest Article on my vanity card for SolForge here are all the remaining bonus arts that I got.  The story behind how we got to this point is on the other article.

Here is an early storyboard style of the card with a completely different level 2/3.  maybe at one point this could have been a 4 level card, but the two middle arts are similar enough that i suspect they were just variations on a theme.  You can already see the key features are in place.

This appears to be one of the final 'faceless' versions of the level 1 card.  I suspect a lot of the vanity cards started out in a similar way.  As Anton was working remotely with us I suspect that was the hardest part - using reference pictures at angles that were different to the required poses.

Here is the reworked level 2 in various stages.  Oddly the far left picture looks more like my dad! The colorised far right one still underwent some positional changes before the more final version below.

This early level 3 is a lot more abstract due to the shading, focusing on the figure himself and the wind gauntlets.  I quite like this one and may swap to using it as my forum avatar.  The ethereal qualities are probably too serene for the final battle ready level 3 and the chaos of the wind on the final version is more in keeping with the theme.

And thats it! There are other pictures of me and slight variations on these, but I think that you get the overall process.  As StoneBlade have been known to give away vanity cards as prizes I can't wait for the tournaments to start! :D

Thanks again to Anton & Eric for their hard work and to StoneBlade for sharing these sketches with me and allowing me to share them with you.

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