Monday, 21 May 2012

Rainbow Angels Attack!

OK - a very short write up of our latest casual games day at Digital Dragons in Lichfield.  Only 6 players, which was less than I'd hoped for and kept us at three rounds plus possible play off action (which was cancelled - see later).

Round 1 was me Vs Paul the shop owner and was a fairly lacklustre affair seeing me loose out as I didn't really see the right parts of the angel deck.  Playing the shop owner while customers are about is always dangerous (but means we have a 'floater' that can jump in to make even numbers and is better than a bye).  We mostly talked toot about the events and the cards we had.  Due to retail happenings I conceded as time was called.  Then I spent a good 30 mins hovering over the one remaining game that was still on it's game 1.  It seems the elves had spawned all their mana producers and Birthing Pod couldn't break through!  Eventually (ironically as I put them on turns) Pod missed a combat trick and Elves found their Ezuri to break through for the win.

Round 2 saw me against the Birthing Pod.  I expected to loose badly to this Event Deck++ after stalling in round 1, but I seemed to nail the starting hand with a mix of lands and a few angels for when I got there.  And then I got to reveal the secret reason for wanting to play my Angels - the oversized promo cards!

Hooray - Sigarda, Host of Herons hits the board and grows too!  As the keen player may have spotted my opponent is a little mana screwed here.  Infact the only play he did have was a turn 4 Skinrender whose only legal target was itself! (oops) This was a far cry from both of our last games and didn't really show off the cards I'd suggested for the pod deck so we rushed to game two.

This happened in game two - double mythic promo angelic action!  I started with Giesela in hand and Double Abundant growth followed by Scroll of Avacyn was ripping through my deck to find what I needed to get her into play.  The pod was racing me handily, but doom-bladed my life linker angel on the turn before I dropped the Blade of Goldenight teaching the important lesson to wait with your instants!  My pod buddy was very nice about the 20 in the air that ensued, but we didn't get chance for a game 3 as the Elves had caused a massive rout on the other table lining them up to fight the mono white humans deck that one of the local players had got.

My game 3 was another slow affair against the other local player with his white Angels & Humans deck - we were both grinding out and playing similar cards (I did loose my Bruna, Light of Alabaster a little too hastily to try to trade) until the White Mikeaus started to get going.  This caused me to loose very slowly indeed as I found all my mana guys and BOTH birds of Paradise that I put in to ease the lack of white that side-boarding all the dual lands caused.  After many turns of not doing much he finally got big enough to be close -then silent departured all my guys - nooooo!  That was a 1-0 loss that put me at the bottom of the standings, but with a big smile on my face.

During the last round a family came in with two small boys and after sheepishly watching a few games decided to make their first ever Magic purchase in the Venser Vs Koth Duel decks (that I'd been tempted to pick up earlier but resisted due to all the Planechase goodies).  This was during my match so out of respect I didn't leave it to go and advise.  They did pop back in later to complete the purchase and pick up boxes and sleeves too - so I rushed over and found them some of the promo cards from the Gateway things we had so they had a Gather The Townsfolk and a Nearheath Stalker to add to their collections.  I had a flick through my trades folder to see if there was anything else suitable (idiotically forgetting about all the Avacyn commons I'd dumped in the store collection earlier) but decided not to confuse things.  While the Duel Deck would not have been my choice for two young players I think that the balance and flashiness of it all was what attracted them to it.  I offered to help them if they ever came to one of the store events in future.

Elves smashed the humans in the last round, and in the standings this meant that Elves were top just above the Humans so it seemed silly to have a play off and we moved all the tables and had a massive 6 player game of Zombie Fluxx instead with some of the YuGiOh Players joining in while the shop was cashed up.

Another great day had by all with more to come soon in June!

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