Sunday, 15 January 2012

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Downloadable Deck Packs Deck Lists

Wizards have quietly been releasing two decks every two months for Planeswalkers while I've been busy with FNM and real life and I thought it may be useful to share the links to the full deck lists here.

They are theme decks and seem to be quite popular (especially the Knights one which currently seems a little more powerful than the rest).  The names are March to War (White Red), Ghoulkeeper (Black grave returns), Forest's Fury (Treefolk tribal in Green), Dark Heavens (Black & White and similar to a DKA intro deck), Beknighted (White Knights), and Trinity of Elements (Riku of Two Reflections Blue Green Red).

Hopefully DLC 2 for the Dark Ascension paper block will be announced this week - i'm expecting it to come out after the launch of the block but to contain more cards from it because of this.  I don't think Wizards were keen that we knew a bunch of cards before they released the info due to people peeking into the game files!

Speaking of Ascension we've been playing that in the house almost as much as Magic: The Gathering so I may do a quick write up of that one of the days...

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