Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Friday Night Magic 6 - Leaving Zendikar

Pre-release, launch & life have all been busy.

Almost 2 weeks ago I took my favourite deck The Black Deck in it's newly streamlined form as Phyrexian Suicide Cult out to FNM to see if it could do better than in my very first FNM now I knew what was going on.  Essentially it did really well - I came 2nd, but lost to the same guy I lost to in round 3.  Black sacrifice decks don't do well against decks full of cheap creatures, and certainly not one full of exile enchantments!  The player was easily the most experienced person there and while it was a borrowed deck he'd made it a lot more consistant than the owner had & didn't drop a game all night.

The 'quarter finals' against my friends illusions deck was very close - I'm not sure what happened int he end, but I think I utility milled him by surgically extracting Ponder and then removing all his decent sized creatures with Life's Finale straight from the deck.  This may be a direction to move in now that there won't be as many double use creatures around.  I chose Pathrazer of Ulamog DCI promo as my free card to celebrate rotation.

I was happy with the decks performance and it could retire in style and I could potter off to the following day's Pre-release happy.

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